St. Ambrose Parish & School Wish List of Needed Items

This new area of the bulletin is here to provide parishioners and friends of the parish our current needs and estimated expenses. These are expenses that St. Ambrose will have to absorb and any support for these costs is greatly appreciated:

  • AC unit for basement classrooms of the school building ($6,500 estimated expense). The AC unit serving our 8th grade Science lab is approximately 20 years old and its air compressor is no longer operable.
  • Exterior Classroom Doors (approximately $2,400 per door). Many of the exterior doors have become difficult to operate and the doors and frames are in need of replacement. We have received a donation for one door, but several more need to be replaced.

FUNDS were generously donated for the Computers to Operate Security Cameras (approximately $600, per device and 6 devices were needed). After installing our TV monitors for security camera viewing, it became apparent that the necessary memory to operate the monitors would require their own computers/devices as the viewing on staff’s primary work computers slowed the computers down so significantly that some of them became almost inoperable.

SINCE LAUNCHING OUR WISHLIST, we have received enough donations to purchase a commercial refrigerator for the Community Center, 1 new exterior classroom door, contactless bottle fillers to replace drinking fountains, and devices to operate security cameras. THANK YOU PARISHIONERS AND FRIENDS OF ST. AMBROSE!

To donate, you can place a check made payable to St. Ambrose in an envelope marked "Wishlist" to the Parish Office via the collection baskets at Mass or mail to 822 W. Homer Adams Parkway, Godfrey, IL 62035. You may also donate online at