Our students live in a digital world, altered by ever-changing technology. This generation of 21st Century learners can absorb a great deal of information at a pace that we as adults often marvel at. For parents choosing virtual learning and in preparation for the possibility of the entire school being forced into distance/virtual learning, we have incorporated technology that will facilitate the necessary interaction between teachers and students. Given the state of education and the possibility that distance/virtual learning could happen at any time, we as a school are obligated to provide the best education possible for our students. 

Current Technology includes:
• Chromebooks (K-8) - Students in grades K-8 will be issued a Chromebook. Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students are not likely to be taking their Chromebooks home nightly. More realistically they will take them home once a week to complete homework and to continue “practicing” the using the technology. Students in grades 3-8 should take their devices home most nights.

• Google Classroom – This will be a portal for each class, (assignments, digital curriculum, digital resources, online gradebook, dates, announcements will all funnel through each teacher’s page.

• School issued email (Example:  ) – this will occasionally be necessary to submit assignments and must be created to enter a student into the Classroom portal.

• Google Meet – If we are forced into distance/virtual learning or for those students opting out of in-person learning, Google Meet class meetings will allow teachers to teach their classes, answer questions, and conduct live/interactive classes. For virtual learning to be effective, teachers and students must be able to interact.

Click Here for 'How To Guide' for Google Classroom, Email, and Google Meet

Prior to receiving your student's Chromebook you will be required to read and sign off on our Technology Agreement/Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy.

Viewable Technology Agreement/IAUS Policy

The consent form must be completed before Chromebooks will be distributed. The consent form/signature page can be viewed here: