PreK-8th Grade Teacher, Mr. Robertson

Please use the links under 'Parent Resources' to access a number of activities that can be done at home.


This program was designed by Drake University and has proven to be a successful Character Education program in schools across the country. In addition to focusing on character building, this program will emphasize anti-bullying themes, and important lessons our students need to hear at school as well as at home (i.e the dangers of social media, appropriate interactions between other students and adults, the dangers of drugs, and more). Now more than ever it is important that we collectively work together (school and home) to instill in our young people a sense of things to focus and work on to become the best versions of themselves. This program emphasizes what it labels, The Seven Pillars of Character. The Seven Pillars are:

• Trustworthiness

• Respect

• Responsibility

• Fairness

• Caring

• Citizenship

• Integrity

Throughout the year we will focus on these different traits and more and connect them to many different aspects of our curriculum and overall school community. There will be activities and resources available to parents and family participation at home will be encouraged. The goal for family participation will be to connect these traits between school and home and focus on these traits in all aspects of our young people’s lives. Information will be posted on the school website about the upcoming month’s theme and the different connections that will be made to emphasize those themes. In addition to attending class once a week, there will be monthly assemblies that focus on the trait for the month, and students, faculty, staff, parents, and volunteers will be recognized when they are exemplifying these character traits.