MAP Testing

The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) is nationally one of the more widely used standardized tests.  St. Ambrose students in grades 3-8 complete tests in Math, Reading and Science.  Approximately 12 million students complete MAP testing annually.  Of those, approximately 450,000 are students in Catholic schools.  MAP testing is offered here at St. Ambrose during the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Every elementary school in our Diocese of Springfield completes testing in the Spring.  Test results are made available a few days after the test has been completed.  Please keep in mind that standardized tests are one educational tool that illustrate student strengths and weaknesses. 

MAP Fall 2021 Group Summary

MAP Spring 2022 Group Summary 

MAP Fall 2022 Group Summary

MAP Spring 2023 Group Summary

MAP Fall 2023 Group Summary

MAP Spring 2024 Group Summary

ACRE Testing

The Assessment of Children’s Religious Education (ACRE) measures the school and parish religious education programs.  Students in grades 5th and 8th are given the test annually, typically during the Winter.  Most Diocese across the country participate in ACRE testing and these results provide real data as to the success of our religious education programs. 

ACRE 2023-2024 Group Summary