1st – 3rd Grade

Students in 1st-3rd grade continue to build upon and develop skills taught at St. Ambrose in Kindergarten.  The foundation of those skills is intended to form good academic habits for each individual student.  Each year that progress brings an increase in the the pacing and rigor of the academic load.   With these grades we strive to instill the foundation of strong study skills.  These necessary skills will carry the students throughout their academic careers.   For all St. Ambrose students we stress assuming personal responsibility, but make this a focus for these primary grades.  

Preparing to receive the Sacraments is an important part of 2nd and 3rd grade.  The Diocese of Springfield in Illinois moved to the “restored order” for students receiving the Sacraments.  This means that students in 2nd grade will celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.  Students in 3rd grade celebrate their Confirmation and First Communion with the Bishop. 

4th – 8th Grade

Our focus for our 4th-8th grade students is to prepare them for high school and more importantly to prepare them to be successful young adults who use Christ’s life as an example and model for their lives.   We provide multiple opportunities for student growth spiritually, academically, and in extra-curricular activities.  St. Ambrose athletic teams are available for older students. 

With our older students, we also aim to continue strengthening the necessary skills to be successful students and successful young adults.  The skills we focus on are personal spiritual growth, study habits, self-control, maintaining positive interactions with peers and adults, and continuing to develop personal accountability and responsibility for one’s actions.  Our goal is that when students leave St. Ambrose, they are prepared to be successful high school students, prepared to be successful young adults, and are prepared to continue their spiritual journey.